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#a no-nonsense approach
to making things make sense.

your needs come first.

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#what others have said:

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Khalil Saadiq,
former classmate

it's scary how much you know.
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Eugen Rochko,
Mastodon developer

bless you for being here to work on the docs btw. it's a big relief.
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Daniel Supernault,
Pixelfed developer

i don't trust anyone as much as you to shape the direction of the project.

i bet i can make you feel the same way.

do you want a knowledgeable person you can trust to do the work right, as well? i'd love to add your praise above.

#here's a timeline of work i've done.

Director of Technology

3 years helping a non-profit manage all technical aspects, from website to email.

Feb 2014Feb 2017 at Equality Initiative

Graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham

B.S. Biomedical Engineering
B.S. Computer Science
Minor, Mathematics
Science and Technology Honors Program

Fall 2018 at UAB

Product/Project Manager

After making a masterpost of bugs and issues, I turned Pixelfed from a one-person project into a team effort.

Jan 2019current at Pixelfed

Information Architect / Documentation Specialist

Reorganizing the documentation for the Mastodon Project, while also rewriting significant portions of it.

Aug 2019Jan 2020 at Mastodon

Website Remake

Taking Go-Fed’s website from ‘yep, it has color’ to ‘woo, looking super nice! :D’

Dec 2020Dec 2020 at Go-Fed

Senior Technical Writer / Product Knowledge Curator

Managing knowledge bases for numerous products owned by Trilogy.

May 2021Dec 2021 at Trilogy

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