Being invited to the team

In June 2018, I made a masterpost issue including every bug and missing feature from the initial beta release, with a big checklist and organized into areas of interest.

Masterpost of missing functionality and issues from the beta launch

Additionally, I reported many bugs and contributed some fixes for some months.

dansup decided to invite me to join the Pixelfed organization on Github on January 6, 2019.


Issue triage

I implemented the current issue tagging system.

Issues are assigned tags by the domain they inhabit, a Milestone by rough version target, and a Project by which feature they pertain to.

Design consultancy

dansup does a lot of experimenting with building out mock features, and I’m there to tell him which ones are good ideas and which ones are bad ideas.

i don’t trust anyone as much as you to shape the direction of the project.

– dansup, Pixelfed developer

Release planning

0.x betas each usually focus on one feature and related development around it. When the focus changes, a new 0.x beta will be tagged. We have a few more betas left, for circles, and for polish. If it weren’t for me, dansup would have tagged 1.0 already and media attention would have been lackluster.