pay me to solve your problems.

what i've done:

information architecture and docs

most notably, documentation for mastodon and pixelfed

project and product management

issue triage, design consultancy, and release planning

code snippets and contributions

active in various open-source projects, as well as personal scripts

web design and development

specializing in lightweight, statically-generated sites

tech and system administration

managing linux servers for nonprofits and myself

skillful photography

see for my portfolio of concert photos

what others have said about me:

Khalil Saadiq,
former classmate

it's scary how much you know.

Eugen Rochko,
Mastodon developer

bless you for being here to work on the docs btw. it's a big relief.

Daniel Supernault,
Pixelfed developer

i don't trust anyone as much as you to shape the direction of the project.

let's talk.

if you'd like me to do something for you, then the best way to get in touch with me is to email with your proposal. i am currently open for hiring as well.

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