A little bit about the role...

Trilogy is the parent company of many other companies, and the list keeps growing.

  • Aurea
  • Playbooks
  • Skyvera
  • DevGraph
  • Jive
  • IgniteTech
  • GFI Software
  • Exinda
  • Lyris
  • Versata
  • Avolin
  • Sonic
  • Savvion
  • Actional
  • ...and more

Chiefly, Trilogy manages all of these companies under the banner of a Central Support Team, consisting of L1 and L2 support agents.

Above the support agents are the Product Knowledge Curators.

This role is also promoted as a Senior Technical Writer position, due to the nature of the work being performed by the PKCs.

This was a full-time contract position, with hiring, interviewing, productivity tracking, and weekly payments handled through the Crossover for Work platform (owned by Trilogy).

This role included several responsibilities.

Being a quick learner.

Being responsible for several products under the banner of Central Support meant that I have to quickly and rapidly learn new products with limited information.

Analyzing real problems from real customers.

I was tasked with reading customer support tickets one by one, in order to document the problems and solutions faced by actual customers.

Writing clear and concise articles.

After reading each ticket, I had to write two different types of articles:

Solution Articles

Solution articles are written to deal with a unique problem-solution pair. These articles contain an overview of the problem and its diagnosed symptoms, as well as the documented solution.

Troubleshooting Articles

Troubleshooting articles are based on troubleshooting steps within tickets that have the same symptoms, but multiple different possible solutions. These articles contain a flowchart with various steps.

Training and certifying support agents.

Based on the amassed product knowledge within the articles written throughout the above process, I created training units within a learning management system, consisting of either a test or a task based on each article/ticket pair.